Monaco Grand Prix Vintage Poster

Hi there!

We are on fire thinking about our new year resolutions! We are sure we will travel a lot this year. Maybe to Monaco? Nous ne savons pas… yet! LOL

As you may know, an F1 Grand Prix takes place every year in the streets of Monaco. The first race was celebrated in 1929. That’s why we can enjoy vintage poster like this one.


Monaco Vintage Poster 1

Monaco Vintage Poster 2

Image: The Apartament Therapy and Pinterest.

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Collage: The Perfect Gift!

February is here. It has fewer days than any other month, but it’s full of interesting events: Carnival, Saint Valentine’s Day and also my birthday! Yahoooo! Since I have a lot of friends who also celebrate their birthday on February, I was thinking about some cool gifts for them. I did a quick search on Etsy and I found an awesome creator: Vivienne Strauss.

As we can see in her collages, she is an admirer of classic films and literature, like Dorothy Parker and John Cheever (I love Bullet Park!), but she has created her own visual world.

Collage 1


collage 2


collage 3

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Print And Hang Your Own Photos

I am sure you’ve snapped a lot of photos during your last summer holiday. Today we approach you with some interesting inspiration to hang on your wall. Look how cool these casual pictures look! Together they create an special atmosphere.

So, do you dare to do anything similar with your photos? I am sure you could make a creative corner on your home or workspace.

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Images: Design sponge; Factory chic; My Paradissi; Wit and Delight

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