Say Hello To Andy Warhol’s Cow

We keep on with animals: Andy Warhol’s cow.

Without any doubt, this has been Andy Warhol’s year for Samu and me. In any quick trip we’ve made around Spain and Europe, we’ve found some exhibitions of Andy Warhol’s art, which we really like. Its magic recalls on praising the objects of our daily routine, in a way that they depict our reality, and become icons that we all can easily recognise.

andy warhol

andy warhol cow

Sublimë originates from the will of having a little art at home. Some pieces of the world of art are very significative, but I can’t imagine we hanged “Las Meninas” by Velázquez in our wall. Instead, we could say yes to Andy Warhol’s posters, not only because they’re close to us, but also because we conceive them as reproductions of his art.

So, regarding the topic about animals that we started with the Montrose’s buffalo, we’re excited to include the ones from a friendly Warhol’s cow.

Image: Apartment Therapy & Snake Ranch


Cow (yellow and pink) on Allposters

Screw Perf-ection!

Hola amigos! Let’s enjoy the beauty of imperfection.

Samu and I adore the way WRDBNR plays with words and irony, but this design really stands out. It’s both powerful and simple.


screw perfection art print


Also I have found some images so you can see how you can combine it with other designs. You don’t like it? That’s fine. Nobody’s perfetc. ;)


screw office


screw living room



Screw Perf-ection Art Print on Society6

Prada Marfa Poster

I’m sure you remember this huge Prada Marfa painting at the Van der Woodsen’s. This poster could be considered as a member of the Gossip Girl’s cast, right? Hanging this piece of art in your living room would be like having a slice of the Upper East Side in your own home.


Prada Marfa Poster Gossip Girl


But what’s the story behind this design? I’ve made my own research…

According to the Wikipedia, the artists Elmgreen and Dragset created an installation designed to resemble a Prada Store and put it in the middle of nowhere (aka 26 miles northwest of the city of Marfa). And it’s still there. The Prada Marfa poster is the road sign that tells you the store is 1837 miles ahead. Brilliant and sublime.

Of course, I’ve also found out where to buy this poster.


Prada Marfa Poster Gossip Girl


Prada Marfa Poster Gossip Girl


Prada Marfa Poster Gossip Girl

Images: Pinterest


Artprint on Etsy

Kate Moss Book on Amazon