Collage: The Perfect Gift!

February is here. It has fewer days than any other month, but it’s full of interesting events: Carnival, Saint Valentine’s Day and also my birthday! Yahoooo! Since I have a lot of friends who also celebrate their birthday on February, I was thinking about some cool gifts for them. I did a quick search on Etsy and I found an awesome creator: Vivienne Strauss.

As we can see in her collages, she is an admirer of classic films and literature, like Dorothy Parker and John Cheever (I love Bullet Park!), but she has created her own visual world.

Collage 1


collage 2


collage 3

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Kinfolk Magazine Covers

Kinfolk Magazine defines itself as a “slow lifestyle magazine that explores ways for readers to simplify their lives, cultivate community and spend more time with their friends and family“.

Ok, but let me add something: it is incredibly well designed. Take a look at their beautiful covers. The design is focused on photography and the colors are soft and clean. They are very decorative, as you can see in this examples.


Kinfolk covers


kinfolk covers 2


kinfolk covers 3


 Images:, Instagram & Pikkuvarpunen



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The Weekend Issue

The Home Issue

Prada Marfa Poster

I’m sure you remember this huge Prada Marfa painting at the Van der Woodsen’s. This poster could be considered as a member of the Gossip Girl’s cast, right? Hanging this piece of art in your living room would be like having a slice of the Upper East Side in your own home.


Prada Marfa Poster Gossip Girl


But what’s the story behind this design? I’ve made my own research…

According to the Wikipedia, the artists Elmgreen and Dragset created an installation designed to resemble a Prada Store and put it in the middle of nowhere (aka 26 miles northwest of the city of Marfa). And it’s still there. The Prada Marfa poster is the road sign that tells you the store is 1837 miles ahead. Brilliant and sublime.

Of course, I’ve also found out where to buy this poster.


Prada Marfa Poster Gossip Girl


Prada Marfa Poster Gossip Girl


Prada Marfa Poster Gossip Girl

Images: Pinterest


Artprint on Etsy

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