Keep Calm and Buy a Classic

You may have seen thousands of versions of this motivational poster designed by the British Goverment during the World War II. Let’s face it, some of these versions are not very nice… We could even say that this design has been mistreated.

We like the original one. So balanced. So elegant. So calm.



Hint: If you want to buy the poster with a custom text and the color of your choice, check the third link below. ;)



Keep Calm poster (different colors) on AllPosters

Keep Calm Poster on Etsy

Keel Calm (custom text and color) on Etsy


Say Hello To Andy Warhol’s Cow

We keep on with animals: Andy Warhol’s cow.

Without any doubt, this has been Andy Warhol’s year for Samu and me. In any quick trip we’ve made around Spain and Europe, we’ve found some exhibitions of Andy Warhol’s art, which we really like. Its magic recalls on praising the objects of our daily routine, in a way that they depict our reality, and become icons that we all can easily recognise.

andy warhol

andy warhol cow

Sublimë originates from the will of having a little art at home. Some pieces of the world of art are very significative, but I can’t imagine we hanged “Las Meninas” by Velázquez in our wall. Instead, we could say yes to Andy Warhol’s posters, not only because they’re close to us, but also because we conceive them as reproductions of his art.

So, regarding the topic about animals that we started with the Montrose’s buffalo, we’re excited to include the ones from a friendly Warhol’s cow.

Image: Apartment Therapy & Snake Ranch


Cow (yellow and pink) on Allposters

Kinfolk Magazine Covers

Kinfolk Magazine defines itself as a “slow lifestyle magazine that explores ways for readers to simplify their lives, cultivate community and spend more time with their friends and family“.

Ok, but let me add something: it is incredibly well designed. Take a look at their beautiful covers. The design is focused on photography and the colors are soft and clean. They are very decorative, as you can see in this examples.


Kinfolk covers


kinfolk covers 2


kinfolk covers 3


 Images:, Instagram & Pikkuvarpunen



Kinfolk Magazine on Amazon

The Weekend Issue

The Home Issue

American Buffalo Art Print by Sharon Montrose

A buffalo in your living room? It may sound crazy, but it’s awesome actually. Specially if we’re talking about this Sharon Montrose’s photo.

buffalo art print


Sharon is a commercial photographer who specializes in animals and shoots for well known brands around the world: Eukanuba, Nestlé, CBS…

buffalo art print


buffalo art print


Sharon Montrose also has published eleven photography books and sells her photography art prints at The Animal Print Shop.

If a buffalo is not enough for you, take a look at Sharon’s Montrose book “Menagerie”. It’s plenty of cute animals!

Images: Club Daisy &


American Buffalo at The Animal Print Shop

Menagerie by Sharon Montrose on Amazon

Mutts by Sharon Montrose on Amazon